While Baji Live Casino has not released a dedicated app for iOS devices, users of Apple devices can still access the platform using the mobile version of the website, which offers a comparable experience. The advantage is that no download is required, saving device space. To use the mobile version, simply visit the official Baji Live website from your iPhone or iPad, and the site will automatically adjust to your device’s resolution and screen size. The interface and structure of the mobile version closely resemble the full site, ensuring a seamless user experience.

System Requirements for iOS Devices:

To use the Baji Live mobile version on iOS devices, ensure your device meets the following minimum requirements:

  • iOS Version: 10.0 and higher
  • Internet Connection: 3G, 4G, 5G, or Wi-Fi
  • RAM: 1GB

Despite the absence of an app for iOS, the mobile version provides a convenient and reliable way for Apple device users to access the Baji Live platform and enjoy its features.

How to Bet on Baji Live Site ?

Now that you are familiar with the site’s design and have your account verified and ready to play, let’s show you how to bet at Baji Live. The process is very intuitive, and even beginners will find it easy to get started. Follow these steps:

To create a profile, users need to follow these steps:

Find the Betting Area

Once you are logged into your account, navigate to the sports betting area by clicking on the “Sports” menu.

Select the Desired Sport

In the upper bar (for the computer), you will see all available sports. Simply choose the sport you want to bet on.

Choose the Match or Championship

After selecting the sport, you will find live matches and upcoming matches. You can choose from these options or filter by the league of your choice.

Betting Market

Open the desired match, and you will be presented with numerous betting options. Choose the one that suits you best, such as betting on Flamengo to win, for example.

Bet Amount

Once you have made your selection, the chosen bet will appear on your bet slip, located on the right side of the screen. Confirm your option and choose the amount you want to bet.


After reviewing your bet slip, simply confirm your bet. Now, all you have to do is cheer for the result, and if your bet wins, you will receive the potential winnings.

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