As you probably know, casinos employ various measures to ensure the security of payments. These measures are crucial in protecting player’s financial information and ensuring a safe and enjoyable gambling experience. One of the methods casinos use is the well-known encryption technology. Another one is payment gateways that mediate between the bank and the casino. At Labha7 Casino, all transactions are safe and secure with the help of data encryption, e-wallets, and licenses and regulations that the company must follow to operate legally in Bangladesh.


Labha7 Casino processes requests to withdraw money 24/7. However, the funds can take up to 72 hours to be in your account. It can take up to 72 hours if you need a refund. However, most withdrawals take just up to 48 hours.


If you want a refund, contact our support team. Labha7 Casino can only refund the same account you used to add money.

The company may need you to prove your identity by showing a copy of your passport or ID card. If you used a bank card, they’ll need a photo of both sides (with some information covered for your safety).

Remember that the company can block or refuse your request to take out money if you haven’t used your deposited money to place bets or play games.

Also, they might charge a fee if you’re taking out money that hasn’t been used for betting or playing.


The company doesn’t recommend transferring money between different payment systems or adding and taking out money without placing bets. If you do this, they’ll just put the money back in your account.

When you deposit money to your account, you’re saying that you’re old enough to use the gambling services and that you’re not breaking any laws by doing so.

Remember, you can only take out money using the same method you used to add it. If you used multiple methods to deposit, you should take out the same amounts proportionally.

Lastly, don’t use someone else’s electronic wallet to add money to your account. Labha7 Casino can send the money back without notifying you first.


Labha7 Casino launched its operations in Bangladesh in 2023 and has already taken the gambling market by surprise with its overall level of services. One of the features of a good operator is the selection of payment methods one can use to deposit and withdraw money from the betting account. Although Labha7 Casino only provides a few such methods, we need to underline the fact that they are all local financial services. Meaning every resident in Bangladesh has heard of them. These trustworthy and reliable payment methods ensure fast transactions and data protection. The minimum deposit is just 400 BDT, while the minimum withdrawal is 1000 BDT. The maximum amount you can withdraw and deposit is equivalent to 20000 BDT. These are pretty decent amounts for the local gambling industry.

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