Go after the winning combination! Try your luck at over 365 slot games at FachaiPro Casino and take advantage of the latest deposit bonuses to increase your bankroll and lengthen your playtime. Classic Slots, Video, and 3D slots, we’ve got them all! The list keeps growing.

Slot Machine Types

Classic Slots: Relatively simple to play, featuring 3 reels and 1-5 pay lines such as the good old ‘’One-armed-bandit’’.

Progressive Slots: The value of the jackpot grows by a small amount as more players compete. It’s harder to get the prize, however, it’s normally of considerable size.

Video Slots: An immersive game experience, with modern graphics and sound effects. Typically 5 reel slots or Megaways, that allow for numerous ways to win and lots of surprises.

3D slots: They offer splendid features mixed with top of the line cinematics creating an atmosphere and helping you follow the storyline. Some of the features include multi-level games, free spins, bonus rounds, cluster pays, and tons of pay lines.

How to tell if a slot machine is hot?

The variance in online slots tells you how frequently a player would be likely to hit winning combinations.

High variance: If a slot does not land wins too often but has the potential for large winnings.

Low variance: The slot offers small wins, but it constantly hits.

American or European Roulette?

There are 2 important variations between the two wheels. The numbers positioning and the additional double green zero pocket on the American version leave the American wheel with 38 and the European Wheel with 37 pockets. Thus affecting the house edge between both versions. In both an American and European roulette, the player is paid 35-1 for a win. The difference is this happens less frequently on the American version.

How soon after the tournament finishes will it take me to receive my winnings?

Prize money from multi-player tournaments is paid within minutes after the tournament finishes, please note that sometimes you will need to log out and log back in to see your winnings. Daily tournament winnings are credited to your account by 7 pm the following day.

Do I need to play all of the hands in the tournament to win?

Yes, all hands must be completed for each individual entry by 11:59:59 PM EST or the entry will be forfeited.

Can I rebuy into the tournaments?

Yes, you can rebuy for only $5 but the chips won’t be accumulated. You must still play the minimum number of hands to qualify for a prize.

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