Online casinos nowadays are full of variety and unique games. Tables, slots and other types of entertainment appeal to different types of players. But which of these games are the most popular amongst casino-goers online? We utilize the information from guides on sites like Labha7 Login Casino as well as asked a bunch of players from different countries. So, we have the results and here are a few categories of casino entertainment that attract the most attention from players.

Slot machines

Are you surprised that slot machines are featured? We certainly aren’t. With anywhere between 30% and 80% of total online casino revenue incoming from slot machines, it’s no surprise that these are popular amongst players. However, the popularity can be rather hard to grasp due to the fact that the house edge is anywhere between 5% and 20% with payouts and jackpots also rather small, compared to the risk that is undertaken.

Most people who play slots often say that this is a blend of gambling and therapy. They just love the sensation of winning, regardless of whether the net profit is positive or negative.


As the timeless casino classic, roulette is a game that a lot of gamblers love playing. Roulette is mostly played by high-rollers or players with more bank.

Once again, the appeal is the balance between playing and just relaxing, without having to go into too much detail about what’s actually going on. The game doesn’t require continuous calculations and adjusting your strategy, it’s pure luck. Hence, roulette is one of casino’s favorite money makers with a huge house edge on most bets.

Poker & Blackjack

The two most popular card games, poker and blackjack are popular in both casinos and on separate poker or blackjack rooms. Poker has both a casual and a very competitive player-base with professional poker being the most popular card-game-based sport on the planet. Blackjack is the more popular game overall (and has the lowest house edge of all common gambling games) but poker has the competitive aspect to it with players competing against each other more often.

Both games are quite easy to learn and a lot of people are avid or casual players, so you won’t have a hard time trying to play them online or offline.

Live games

Live games are kind of a new thing in the world of online casinos. These are games where players participate in a live event with bets and moves happening in real time. For example, you can bet on roulette games live, card games like Baccarat, Poker, etc. It’s not like playing in real-life, but it’s a similar experience that blends modern-day technology with the exclusivity of playing against a dealer in the real world.

Other games

There are also a few other games that are popular. Depending on the region and the casino itself, some tables and games might be more popular than others (virtually, of course). However, if games like Solitaire (you can read more about Solitaire on were to be adapted for casino use, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it jump to take one of the top spots and so on.

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