For decades, brick-and-mortar casinos have used loyalty programs to reward their most dedicated patrons with free plays, complimentary rooms, meals, and other perks. As online casinos like Jili Games Login have grown in popularity, they’ve adopted similar loyalty schemes to incentivize players to keep returning to their platforms. However, there are some key differences between how these online loyalty programs work versus the traditional programs offered by Vegas-style casinos.

Ease of Earning Points
One of the biggest advantages online casinos have is the ease with which players can earn loyalty points. At a physical casino, you need to be on-site, consuming drinks, playing games, and having your player’s card tracked. With online casinos, every wager you make while logged into your account goes towards racking up points. You can play a few hands on your lunch break or some spins after putting the kids to bed and still be progressing towards bonus rewards.

Broader Range of Games
Loyalty points at traditional casinos are heavily weighted towards play on the most lucrative table games like blackjack, roulette, and of course the house’s beloved slots. Online casinos certainly push slots and tables games, but many like Jili Games also allow you to earn points on other casino games, sports betting, poker, and more. This levels the playing field for casual players who prefer other games over the traditional casino moneymakers.

Smaller Perks, But More Attainable
The peak rewards at major Las Vegas or Atlantic City casino resorts can be incredibly lucrative – free penthouse suites, complimentary airfare, cruises, and more. However, only the absolute highest-tier players (read: biggest whales) ever reach those levels. Conversely, online casino loyalty programs offer more modest perks like cash bonuses, free bets, and expedited withdrawals. While not as flashy, these are rewards that casual players have a realistic shot at earning through their normal play.

Lower Overhead Enables Better Value
With no need for high-priced real estate, thousand of employees, or lavish amenities, the economics of operating an online casino are far leaner. This allows the operators to be more generous with promotions and loyalty rewards while still maintaining profitability. An online casino can offer a new player deposit match of $1,000 or give away free spins worth $100 without taking as big a hit as a physical casino rolling out those incentives.

Automation and Customization
Finally, the digital nature of online casinos facilitates more automation and customized rewards within their loyalty programs. Players can have bonuses and free plays automatically added to their account or select their own perks from a customized menu. Traditional casinos have struggled to operate short-term or customized loyalty promotions at the same scale due to the logistics of running everything through a physical player’s club.

While the bright lights of Vegas will always have their allure, online casinos are quickly making their own mark when it comes to rewarding player loyalty. The streamlined economics and digital platforms of sites like Jili Games are proving to be an asset in rolling out promotions and rewards that keep customers engaged.

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